May 2014

May 2014

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sisterly Love

It took Hollin two weeks before she finally was ready to hold Libby and warm up to her, and now she just adores her "yittle Yibby!"

With Dr Grogono
Two pictures where ours girls look just alike, minus the hair!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Miss Libby

Miss Elizabeth Broadway Whitson was born Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 11:27am. She was a perfect 7lb 6oz and 20.5 inches. Her name will be Libby, and she is such a sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dear Dad,

There are so many things that I wish I could have said to you before you had to leave, but I knew you needed us to be strong.  You should be so proud of Mom, as she was so brave and helped Jill and me be strong too. 
You were a great Dad.  Thank you for loving us unconditionally.  Even when you often thought we were ridiculous and rolled your eyes, you were always supportive and loving!  Thank you for keeping us grounded and always putting family first.
Thank you for teaching me how to fish, ride a bike, hunt for deer, people watch and fix a baked potato.  Thank you for showing me fossils, random reality shows, interesting plant seeds, hummingbirds and listening for the owl in our backyard (which I know is you talking to me now).
Thank you for building us a playhouse, marble roller coasters, backyard bucket fires and always being our handy man.
Thank you for putting up with all your girls, and our shopping, dancing and trivial conversations.
I miss your smile, the messy eye brows, the "log cabin" on your forehead, the "palm trees" in your hair, the bump on your nose, the old man shoes and your inappropriate humor!
I love how you loved life.  Mom named your theme song as Frank Sinatra's "I did it My Way" - which is so perfect to describe you.  Even though you  were so stubborn, you were OUR Stubborn Goat and we loved you for it!
Thank you for loving my husband.  For telling him your random thoughts and stories.  For making him laugh and feel comfortable in our crazy family.
Thank you for being such a wonderful Bubba to Hollin, Carson and Emery.  You now have another little girl to love.  Her name is Elizabeth (Libby) Broadway Whitson, and her nickname is Libby Pearl to honor you.  She is perfect, and I so wish that I had a picture of you kissing her head.
Thank you for being my dog's best friend.  He really misses you, as we all do tremendously.
On my calendar, the month of April is a picture of hummingbirds.  I am framing them for your girls, so we will always remember to love nature like you did and remember how blessed we are to have had an amazing life with you!  I love you!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

J&D's Wedding

The CRAZY flower girl....
She sat still long enough for me to curl her hair!
The Dancing Queen - taking after her Momma!